Commercial Management
We can provide you with chartering services by negotiating and completing charter parties through in-house bordering.
Our clients have access to the most up-to date advice on new business opportunities in a rapidly changing business environment. Our specialized chartering staff offers continuous analysis of market trends focusing on areas where chartering possibilities are emerging. This in-house pool of knowledge can be tapped, as well, via our reliable and well-established network of affiliates in major maritime centres.
Our success in developing competitive chartering and the fact that we are becoming one of the leading brokers in the area are both to the direct result of our quality service.
Our specialized staff works closely with agents, charterers, brokers, port agents and bunker suppliers to ensure that commercial operations are handled efficiently and with safety.
Voyage operation services include:
·     The expediting and servicing of a vessel at sea and in port in agreement with the relative charter party.
·     A post fixture service which ensures the collection of freight
·     The negotiation and payment of demurrage and dispatch
·     Legal services in the event of a claim
Due to our customized software, final voyage accounts can be combined with the estimates and explanations of variances and balances remitted to ship owners.
Technical Management
We provide full technical support to the vessels.
Acheon Akti Navigation has established procedures that allow for cost effective and less time-consuming results as per the owner’s requirements and subject to the standards of classification societies of the flag states and other competent authorities. Our technical shore-based team of highly qualified personnel, with wide-ranging seagoing experience, are ready to travel to any and all destinations as and when circumstances dictate.
More specifically:
·     We ensure that the vessels are fully classed and seaworthy according to the requirements and recommendations of the Classification Society and other regulatory bodies.
·     We monitor the proper and economical ship’s operations from the technical point of view and in accordance with the approved budgets.
·     We supervise and monitor all repair works afloat or on dry-dock.
·     We monitor each vessel by a computerized maintenance system using sophisticated management software effective both on board ship and ashore.
·     We provide assistance during damages and breakdowns, as well as execute claims towards the insurance companies.
·     We arrange the supply of stores, consumables, lubricating oils and other required stores and provisions.
·     We ensure that SMS functions are effectively applied on board the vessels.
·     We prepare the budget for the vessel regarding daily running expenses and present it to the owners for approval.
·     We assist the owners in choosing the right flag and carry out all procedures on behalf of the owners towards registration of the vessel under the desire flag.
·     Pre-purchase surveys
Crew Management
Acheon Akti Navigation provides crew management services either separately or as part of a fully management package.
The company seeks to offer clients the best possible service and that philosophy is reflected in the caliber of the crew on board.
Since well-trained crew improves vessel productivity, our company has established procedures to motivate and train the crew and ensure they are capable of maintaining our high standards.
We adhere to national and international requirements for manning vessels. Every crew member joining the vessel must comply with the STCW 95 Convention and we see to it that the records of sea-staff are readily available for verification.
Because training is a keystone of our crewing policy, every vessel we manage is in the hands of capable seamen.
All members of the crew are strongly encouraged to develop a sense of belonging to the vessel and loyalty to the company.
Sale and Purchase of Vessels
Acheon Akti Navigation is actively involved in the sale and purchase of ships. Our activities range from the placing of a new building contract to the sale and purchase of second hand ships both for trading and demolition. The critical guidance we offer our principals assists them in making sound decisions.
Due to our wide network of brokers and our good relations with a large number of ship owners, we are able to provide an efficient and effective service for handling all sale and purchase inquiries.
Insurance Services
Our company advises ship owners on insurance matters so that under our management, vessels receive top security.
Through our associate insurance brokers we can arrange first class insurance cover on:
·     Hull and machinery
·     Protection and indemnity
·     War risk
·     Freight, Demurrage & Defense (FD & D)
·     Loss of hire
·     Strikes
·     Contingencies
·     Charterers liabilities
·     Other available insurance cover
Owners enjoy the benefits and competitive premiums of our fleet.
We are able to contract and supply at competitive prices:
·     Provisions
·     Deck Stores
·     Cabin Stores
·     Engine Spares
·     Paints
·     Lubricants
·     Chemicals
·     Navigation Equipment
Our principals have long and outstanding connections with Major oil companies as well as independent suppliers for Bunkers worldwide , as well as lubricants ,at competitive prices .
Telecommunications Services
Acheon Akti Navigation maintains excellent relations with radio accounting authorities whose services we utilize to facilitate owners with radio- communication service agreements.
We secure full ship communication services, notices to any coast station, as well as provision of detailed and prompt accounting reports.      
Information Technology
Acheon Akti Navigation uses only the latest technology both on board ship and ashore. All the vessels managed by our company are equipped with fully computerized systems enabling complete analysis to cost effectiveness.
Operations are monitored by means of a custom-made program, facilitating record keeping in relation to agency work and disbursement accounts, vessel hire, vessel position and voyage control. Planning, maintenance and reports are computerized, permitting strict conformity to the maintenance schedule with full records and history.
The system is integrated with the accounts module allowing for adherence to budget and running cost and the generation of full managerial reports.
Crewing personnel are trained in the use of specialized software for record- keeping and follow-up of certification and national licenses, as well as tracking of renewal dates, qualifications, appraisals and previous service.
Financial Reporting
Our computerized accounting system uses specialized ship-management financial software and enables us to furnish owners with monthly financial reports depicting the vessel’s performance, such as profit and loss accounts, balance sheet and budget analysis, allowing strict budgetary control and analysis of variances.
The company follows quality management practices and keeps international accounting standards. Each vessel is treated as an individual cost center, and continuous cash flow monitoring is provided.
HR Competencies
Acheon Akti Navigation is built on our people - group of qualified and dedicated professionals committed to delivering the best results for our clients.
Considerable business acumen and extensive accrued from many years working in ship-management around the globe are the hallmarks of our management team. Our talent lies in our people skills.
We are supported by a network of specialists, knowledgeable in their respective fields, who meet the high standards essential to the company’s success.
The company’s philosophy of personal attention means that our staff is totally focused on you, the client.
We are all dedicated to the job and always strive to achieve the common goal - safe and cost effective ship-management.

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